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Christmas Trees

We purpose grow Christmas Trees solely for the Yuletide market. These are Pinus Radiata "Christmas Tree" variety, which while closely related to the forestry version (Radiata Pine or in the U.S. Monterey Pine) have been bred to be closely branched and bushy. Each of our carefully grown Christmas Trees has that conical shape and pine-scented aroma associated with New Zealand's best-known traditional pinus radiata tree. Definitely not just the branches of forestry trees often sold off trailers, which we refer to as 'flopsy bunnies'. We also have some Douglas Fir available. Sizes vary from just planted saplings to mature trees over 16 feet (5 metre) tall.

Come and chose your own early, pay and we will 'tag it' for cutting and collection later. Bring the family, committee decisions accepted, and make it a festive outing. Come early and get the widest and best choices to suit your home. We have a range of sizes to suit your place. While you are here, meet our friendly alpacas and perhaps even hand feed them.

Closer to Christmas come back and collect your tree, which we will cut for you there and then. As soon as you get home plunge the base into a bucket of water to keep it fresh and avoid needle drop. If you are delayed, then cut a small slice off the bottom of the trunk and then plunge it into the water. Fresh pine trees will still look green and healthy 3-4 weeks after being cut. Standing in water they can last 4-5 weeks or more. Remember to keep the water topped up (it can take up a litre a day) and don't leave it in full sun, it is very important to look after your new tree – remember it is alive!

Is it good for the environment? Our Christmas trees are planted as a crop just to be a Christmas tree. This is no different to growing vegetables. They are trimmed occasionally to maintain the triangular shape of the 'classic' Christmas tree we all love. Each year we plant new trees to keep a regular supply going. They convert carbon dioxide (CO2) to the oxygen (O2) that we need to breathe; so benefit the environment. There is no waste, timber too small for burning for winter heating, is chipped and used as mulch. Our trees look forward to the day that you will pick them to grace your house and help to fill your home with Christmas spirit.

Give us a ring (phone 03 5729042) before you come to select or collect your tree. See location page for how to find us. Come early to ensure the best choice.

Christmas 2015:
Radiata Pine trees $45 - Douglas Fir $50


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